Sunday, June 20, 2010

Our Alaskan Cruise

if i were better at blogging i could put captions beneath each picture but some photos, like the two just above, don't really need any description at all. they speak volumes all on their own.
my normally tight-wad, exceedingly frugal, can't pry a dollar with a crowbar, husband got this idea awhile back about taking our kids to Alaska. In my dreams, I thought. But when Scott gets an idea in his head he carries it out. of course he found all sorts of ways to make it cheap [he should write a book on traveling inexpensively, he's good at it. like traveling during non peak times, using AmEx credit card for sky miles, bidding on priceline for rental cars and hotels. we've gone some fun places because he's figured out some great tricks]
The first week of June we sailed for Alaska. This was actually the fourth time Scott and I have been there. I worked at a cold storage in Pelican, AK for the summer when i was 19. Scott went fishing with his father, brother and brother in law, and we have been on two other cruises [one was a gift from Scott's parents, the other with his brother, uncle and their wives]. Alaska is a place that gets in your heart. it is beautiful and unique. I would go back again.
other than a few bouts of sea sickness [which were mild until we went fishing - Kell spent 5 hours on the fishing boat leaning over the side :/] we had a fun trip. we hiked the mountain top in Juneau and rode the tram, oo'd and ah'd at Hubbard Glacier, fished and caught! in Sitka, and cheered for the lumberjacks in Ketchikan. we enjoyed great food. i love the 'no cleaning, cooking, nagging the kids to do their jobs' time. Scott and the kids participated in ping-pong tourneys - scott won every time. [his ego couldn't handle losing] when we got back to Seattle we spent the day in the city center and drove around some areas where Scott served on his mission. we came home exhausted and happy. it was a great experience. I'm so glad we got to do it.

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