Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Blog Blunders

Argh! I struggle to admit I am not good at computer stuff. I can do quite a bit like manage accounts, email, search the internet, leave messages on other blogs and so on. BUT I cannot seem to fix my own blog. i've been messing around with it but as you can see I haven't figured out how to get the old template/skin to go away so i can put a new, cuter one in. So, this blog comes to you in blog and white. Some day I will have pictures, gadgets, and post regularly - yeah, right.
Well, we have carved pumpkins [wish i could show you a picture :/], gone deer hunting, [just my husband and kids], had the flu [I don't think it was swine but the doc said to treat it as if it was and keep everyone home - ahem, i just got everyone back to school. i want the house to myself. kidding. i love my family and i don't want to endanger the world] and we are finishing up Fall Soccer this week. One of my sons finished Saturday.
By this time of soccer season i am usually sick of the game but it has been enjoyable this year. The games have been competitive and our boys have done well. Both teams finished in about 3rd place which is great by us. Have to tell a funny story about son #1. He's just coming out of a growth spurt in which he got a bit flabby. Nothing too bad but he hated it. Soccer has helped him lean up some and gain coordination. A few weeks ago as we were driving away from practice he was excited about the progress he had made. He said, "I can tell soccer has really gotten me in shape. I can run longer, move faster and I even have a one pack." [not to be confused with a six pack :)]
As for me, I have finally put the canner, steamer, jars, rings, and lids away for the year. I finished up grapes last week. There are still some on the vines but I am done. I need time to do something else. The juice and jam are good which is the only reason I do it. I have this philosophy when it comes to canning/preserving: if it's free, easy, and we like it, I'll do it. We have enlarged our garden, have two peach trees, and the grapes. Anything I have to buy I would rather buy already canned - like pears or beans. I admit they are better 'homemade' but time is a commodity too.
My little preschool class is as fun as ever. Being an aide is great. It's about as low as you can go on the scholastic job chart but I have no pressure of lesson plans and presentation. I show up and help the teacher and kids. I love four year olds - they like me. They are not as hard on my self esteem as my teens can sometimes be [just sometimes. I really love my children] Two of the boys in the class are the spitting image of Tony DiNozo and Tim McGee on NCIS. Yes, I am obsessed with the show but you should see these boys [if i knew how to upload pictures i'd show you] They really look like they could be these 'stars' at 4 years of age. Then again, one of the girls could be Ziva and I can also associate a few of the other boys with Gibbs, Ducky and Palmer. What's that you say? I need to get a life? I have one. I also enjoy psych and Drop Dead Diva.
All this while proclaiming I am not a TV watcher. Hmm.
I have actually been able to write more lately. For awhile, even after school started, things were so busy I could hardly get to it. I am hoping to have a Christmas novella completed by Christmas so i can edit it and submit it. It has been coming together well [for me] but it's just a rough draft and will need work. But as my husband and writing group always say 'just finish something'. I tend to waffle between which story I'm working on. This one has been good for me because it is not big and given me practice at dialogue, setting, conflict, continuity, character development. I still find it amazing that I have been able to pursue writing to any degree. It used to be a dream - fantasy actually- but I have been able to go to conferences, get a word processor, and have a wonderful writing group. I have far to go but I am learning and progressing. It used to overwhelm me because there was so much to comprehend - and I used to be embarrassed to admit I love writing. Now I have found many others who enjoy the same thing. Writing is a long shot but I don't hide it anymore.
Happy Fall, y'all.