Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dumb and Dumber

Friday morning I had to drive Scott to Ogden to pick up the scooter [yes, scooter. also known as mo-ped] that we had repaired. When we drive distances [we consider Ogden a distance - that's how small Brigham is] we take his commuter car to save on gas. I don't like this car. it is very compact even for a compact car AND it is a stick shift. which means I have to concentrate when I drive. This interfers with my day dreaming. But, I needed to run some errands down there and thought it would all work out great. the repair shop opened at 9 and I assumed the main store I needed to go to also opened at 9. it didn't. so I had to kill time for an hour. Fortunately for me one of my favorite places was open - Deseret Book. They had just marked down their Lion House Bakery products which felt like a bonus to me - books and bakery, woo-hoo! I picked up cinnamon rolls because they didn't have raisins. my kids don't like raisins in their rolls, so I justified it as an opportunity I couldn't pass up. They also had brownies. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. mint and regular. one of my sons loves mint brownies, so I got them too. I also picked up a few books.

Soon 10:00 came and I ran to the store I needed most to get too and made a return and got distracted by being in a big department store all by myself. About 10:25 I glanced at my watch and suddenly remembered I had an appointment at 11 in Brigham. I had purchases to make but thought if i hurried I might still make it in time. It was 10:40 when I got out of the store and almost 10:50 by the time I got on the freeway. I got behind every slow car possible. the three lanes become two near the county line and, although the speed limit is 75 every one drove 70 or less!!! and it is difficult to pass on the freeway because of the diesels heading to the Port of Entry, plus only two lanes, slow traffic and the stick shift. I called my appointment to let her know what was going on. She was fine but I was frazzled. getting off the freeway I had to wait for a train [after following behind another slow car on a single lane] By the time I got to my appointment [almost 15 minutes late] I was mad at myself for being an airhead, frustrated at the cars that moved so slow and completely wound up.

I also had another problem - what to do with the brownies and cinnamon rolls. I couldn't leave them in the car because they'd be ruined in the heat. My appointment would take about 1 1/2 hours. I hurriedly shoved them into the shopping bag, grabbed the bag and jumped out of the car, locking it as I leapt.

And forgetting to remove the keys from the ignition.

In my worries to protect the treats I forgot to get the keys. This would not have happened if I had been driving the truck. It doesn't have automatic anything and I am used to the getting out of the car routine. but with my mind racing everywhere I totally forgot the keys - until the door shut.

I wanted to scream. I wanted to swear. I called my daughter who was leaving in half an hour for the weekend and begged her to leave her packing to bring me a spare. which she did.

 Oh, the appointment was for a massage. I wasn't going to admit that because it sounds so frivolous but the irony of getting so worked up and stressed out right before is kind of funny. and while it is a bit self indulgent, it has been one of the best things I've ever done for my health. I originally went in for help with all kinds of neck and back trouble. It has healed that and cured other ailments too. It produces a natural cleansing and releases toxins from the muscles. I like non-traditional medical treatments [not the freaky things just herbs, oils, massages, etc]

Anyway... locking the keys in the car was dumb but it ended up okay. Then things got dumber.

My neighbor needed a ride to a doctor appointment. My husband was home but needed the truck for something so I had to use the stick shift again. I went to the doctor, took the neighbor home and as I came to our driveway from a different direction than I normally do, saw my son and his friends in the midst of a water fight and decided to park behind the truck - which had returned before I did - so the boys would have more room to play. No big deal right?

About 9:30 pm - many hours later, two of our children returned from Youth Conference and needed to go pick up their camping gear from one of their leaders. Scott nicely volunteered. Moments later he came back in the house.

"Would you like to see what I just did?" he said.

No. I could tell it was bad news.

Did I mention the stick shift is dark blue? and can't be seen well at night? especially by someone not wearing his glasses?

Yep, Scott backed the truck into the compact car. The truck is fine, the door of the car is not.

Who could have guessed Scott would take the truck when he usually takes his little car?  I'm not sure how this story will end. will the car keep the dent or will we spend $1000 to get it repaired?

This is my version of Dumb and Dumber.