Sunday, April 11, 2010

You Got that Right

My youngest, known as Pete for this blog, has had syntax 'problems' his entire life - meaning his sentence structure can be very interesting. It's not a bad thing. I like his unique understanding of our difficult American English language. For instance, he calls Lucky Charms were Chucky Worms. His hearing is good, his processing is the challenge. He can seem like an airhead, not to be harsh, because he's off in another world, but he is better able to understand things if he is on the move. so he is the one kid we don't harrass for moving around during 'supposed to be reverent' family times.

This is a long introduction for a funny Pete story but I had to explain him so the story is understood.

A couple of days ago we got his soccer game schedule. As we were looking at it I mentioned he had a game every Wednesday for the next two months. He thought about that for a minute then said, "I guess it's a good thing I'm not twelve yet."
I asked why.
He said, "Because when I'm twelve I have to go to those meetings every Wednesday night. What's it called...Relief Society?"

He needs to spend more time with his dad.